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Arun Yogiraj

In the realm of sculpting mastery, Arun Yogiraj stands as a luminary, bringing forth unparalleled skill and dedication to his craft. As the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra trust contemplates the placement of three divine idols in the sanctum, Yogiraj’s work emerges as a beacon of excellence, acknowledged even by stalwart leaders like former Chief Minister BS Yedyiurappa and Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi.

Arun Yogiraj: A Sculptor Beyond Compare

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At the age of 38, Arun Yogiraj is not just a sculptor; he is a maestro in high demand across the nation. Despite holding an MBA degree and briefly venturing into a different professional path, Yogiraj’s heart led him back to his family’s artistic legacy. Having assisted his father in sculpting since the tender age of 11, his passion for sculpting became evident early on. The pivotal moment came in 2014 when South India recognized his talent with the prestigious young talent award.

Hailing from a lineage of illustrious sculptors, Yogiraj’s grandfather, B Basavanna Shilpi, enjoyed the patronage of Mysore’s kings. The rich heritage, coupled with training from Shilpi Siddanthi Siddalinga Swami, the royal guru of Mysore palace, laid the foundation for Yogiraj’s exceptional skills.

The Artistic Odyssey: From Mysuru to the World

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Arun Yogiraj’s artistic journey extends beyond borders, with a team of 15 dedicated artisans and students eager to absorb the essence of his craft. His masterpieces adorn not only the sacred temples of India but also have garnered international acclaim with orders pouring in from the USA, Malaysia, and various other locations. Noteworthy is his commitment to imparting knowledge, evident in his establishment of the Brahmarshi Kashyapa Shilpakala Shala trust in Mysuru, offering free training to children in clay modeling and other artistic skills.

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Magnificent Works Carved in Stone

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Among Arun Yogiraj’s remarkable creations, a 28-feet monolithic black granite sculpture of Subhash Chandra Bose for Delhi’s India Gate stands tall, symbolizing freedom. The 12-feet Adi Shankaracharya idol in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, and India’s largest 10-feet monolithic white marble sculpture of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in Mysuru reflect his diverse talents. His repertoire further includes sculptures of Lord Panchamukhi Ganapathi, Lord MahaVishnu, God Buddha, Nandi, Swami Shivbala Yogi, Swami Shivakumara, and Goddess Banashankari, gracing various temples across India.

Crafting the Divine: The Making of Ram Lalla Idol

For the monumental task of sculpting the Ram Lalla idol, Yogiraj embarked on a meticulous journey, guided by the vision outlined by the Trust. Given stones from diverse locations such as Nepal, Karkala in Uttara Kannada district, HD Kote in Mysuru district, and Makrana in Rajasthan, Arun Yogiraj selected the Krishna Shila stone from HD Kote.

This unique stone, employed in Karnataka for a millennium, exhibits a remarkable trait—it remains unaffected by any liquid, including water and milk. Collaborating with scientists from the department of mines and geology, Yogiraj ensured a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

Capturing Innocence and Divinity

Tasked with creating an idol resembling a five-year-old, Yogiraj delved into the intricacies of childhood depiction. Drawing inspiration from a children’s event in Mysuru and observing five-year-olds in schools, he meticulously studied over 1,200 photos to encapsulate the essence of innocence and divinity in the idol.

Over the ensuing four months, working tirelessly in Ayodhya, Yogiraj transformed vision into reality. The collaborative efforts of GL Bhat of Bengaluru and Satyanarayana Pandey of Rajasthan added depth to the project, with the Trust set to install one of the three idols inside the sanctum, a testament to their collective artistry.

Arun Yogiraj’s artistic odyssey is not just a journey of sculpting; it is a saga of preserving tradition, embracing innovation, and infusing divinity into every stroke of his chisel. As the Ayodhya Temple awaits the consecration of one of his masterpieces, Yogiraj’s legacy in the world of sculpting stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art form passed down through generations.



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