Polycab’s turmoil in the Indian market | Clear Update

Polycab's turmoil in the Indian market

In the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market, Polycab India has recently found itself under the scrutiny of investors and regulatory bodies alike. The precipitous drop of over 22% in its share price, as witnessed on the BSE on January 11, has sent ripples through the financial community. The catalyst behind this tumultuous event stems from reports of the Income Tax Department’s search operations conducted at various premises of the company in December.

Market Opening Plunge: Unraveling the Numbers

As the trading day unfurled on January 11, Polycab India’s share price embarked on a downward spiral, opening 10% lower at ₹4,421.85 compared to the previous close of ₹4,913.15. The descent continued, reaching a staggering 22.4% decline, settling at ₹3,812.35. In the morning trading session, a substantial 33 lakh shares, amounting to ₹1,293 crore, changed hands in multiple block deals, indicating a flurry of market activity and heightened investor interest.

Allegations and Volatility: The Unsettling Narrative

The recent volatility in Polycab India’s share price can be traced back to media reports on January 9, suggesting allegations of tax evasion against the company. It was purported that the Income Tax Department had unearthed ₹200 crore in undisclosed income, causing a 9% dip in the stock. However, in a press release on the same day, Polycab vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing its commitment to compliance and transparency.

The Company’s Defense: Navigating the Allegations

Polycab India, in its official statement, asserted its dedication to compliance and transparency, noting full cooperation with the Income Tax Department during the December 2023 search proceedings. The company refuted the claims of tax evasion, stating that it had not received any communication from the income-tax department regarding the outcome of the search.

The Unveiling Investigations: What Lies Beneath

Media reports indicate that the Income Tax Department’s searches at Polycab’s premises uncovered discrepancies in financial records. The department purportedly intends to issue a notice to the company, demanding payment of the alleged evaded taxes and applicable penalties. Shockingly, reports suggest that transactions worth ₹250-300 crore recorded in the promoter accounts have come under the department’s scrutiny.

Insights from PIB Report: Unmasking the Modus Operandi

On January 10, a PIB report, without explicitly naming Polycab, revealed that the Income Tax Department had initiated search and seizure operations on December 22, 2023. The report disclosed incriminating evidence, suggesting a modus operandi of tax evasion involving unaccounted cash sales, cash payments for unaccounted purchases, and non-genuine expenses for the suppression of taxable income.

Implications for Investors: A Cautionary Tale

As investors navigate the turbulent waters surrounding Polycab India, it becomes imperative to exercise caution and stay abreast of unfolding developments. The company’s stock, intertwined with allegations of tax evasion and regulatory investigations, presents a cautionary tale in the dynamic world of financial markets.



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