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Divyakriti Singh receiving the Arjuna Award from President
Divyakriti Singh receiving the Arjuna Award from President


In a historic moment for Indian sports, Divyakriti Singh, a young and accomplished athlete hailing from Jaipur, has etched her name in the annals of equestrian history. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Divyakriti Singh, who recently became the first Indian woman to receive the prestigious Arjuna Award in Equestrian.

The Glorious Ceremony

In a glittering ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi, the President of India, Draupadi Murmu, bestowed the coveted Arjuna Award upon Divyakriti Singh. This moment marked not only a personal triumph for the 23-year-old athlete but also a crowning glory for the entire nation. As an Asian Games Gold medallist in equestrian, Divyakriti’s achievement resonates as a testament to her dedication and skill in the sport.

Rajasthan’s Pride

Divyakriti Singh’s accomplishment is not just an individual honor but a matter of immense pride for her home state, Rajasthan. She stands as the sole representative from the region to receive the Arjuna Award in the current year, and remarkably, she is the only one from Rajasthan to achieve this feat in the last five years. This distinction reinforces Divyakriti’s status as a trailblazer in the equestrian world.

Asian Games Triumph

The journey to the Arjuna Award was paved with gold for Divyakriti at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. In September, she was an integral part of the Gold Medal-winning Indian Dressage team, showcasing her prowess in equestrian sports on an international stage. Post that triumph, she continued to shine, clinching an Individual Silver and two bronze medals at the International Dressage Competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last month.

Training Ground: Germany’s Prestigious Hof Kasselman Dressage Yard

Behind every triumph lies rigorous training, and for the past three years, Divyakriti Singh has been honing her skills at the renowned Hof Kasselman dressage yard in Hagen, Germany. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her consistent improvement, as showcased by her Global Dressage Rankings – standing at No.1 in Asia and an impressive No.14 in the world, as issued by the International Equestrian Federation in March this year.

Gratitude and Humility

In an elated response to receiving the Arjuna Award, Divyakriti expressed her gratitude, stating, “This is a moment of immense pride for the Equestrian sport and our noble companions, the horses, to receive recognition and reward from our Hon’ble President. It is a humbling experience, and I extend my gratitude to my family and my horses, whose support has been instrumental in helping me achieve this remarkable feat.”


In conclusion, Divyakriti Singh’s journey from the heart of Jaipur to the global equestrian stage is nothing short of inspirational. Her accolades, from being the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Asian Games in Equestrian to receiving the Arjuna Award, position her as a trailblazer in every sense. This article celebrates not just an athlete but a symbol of perseverance, excellence, and breaking barriers in the realm of Indian equestrian sports.



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