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Superstar Vijay

Mumbai: Tamil Superstar Vijay, recently seen in ‘Leo’, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming film ‘The Goat Life‘, has decided to quit cinema for his political career.

He announced his political party, Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam, on Friday. The actor said that he will become a full-fledged politician in Tamil Nadu after completing two films (‘Goat’ and an untitled film).

His party members will be replaced in the 2026 elections. The actor recently met class 10th and 12th students and also provided assistance to those affected by the recent floods in Chennai.

In a long official statement, the actor said that political power is needed to carry out social work completely.

The actor’s official account on X posted thus: “You all are well aware of the political situation in Tamil Nadu. On the one hand, we have an incompetent administration and corrupt political culture, and on the other, we have divisive politics aimed at dividing people on the basis of caste, creed and religion. Both hinder our progress. It is an undisputed truth that people, especially in Tamil Nadu, need a change in political outlook and are looking for a party that is individualistic, honest, social and talented, capable of bringing about change.” Vijay has announced that he will contest the 2026 state legislative assembly elections and will lead ‘the political change desired by the people of Tamil Nadu’. The statement further mentioned: “Once the Election Ordinance is approved, our party’s policies, manifesto, strategies, and programs will be unveiled, and our political journey for the people of Tamil Nadu will begin. Our Party will pursue all activities with necessary vigilance in line with the mission and goals of the Party, giving priority to the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu. Therefore, my long-term dedication to political service is not only a professional one, but also a sacred duty of mine towards the people.” “So, I will complete this project as soon as possible, while ensuring that it does not affect my political service. And I will embark on this journey so that I can serve the people of Tamil Nadu, without any hindrance. This, I believe, is my debt of gratitude to the people of Tamil Nadu,” he added in the statement.

Superstar Vijay’s complete dedication in politics

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Tamil cinema’s brilliant actor Vijay has opened the account of a new journey after his brilliant film career, in which he is saying goodbye to films and pledging to serve the people of Tamil Nadu with all his might. His decision reflects his dedication and sincerity towards a new and positive political principle.

This outstanding leader has also revealed his plans for the upcoming elections, which is going to be full of a positive and enriching outlook. To illustrate an excellent scheme of his ideas and principles, here is a descriptive diagram:



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