Mukka Proteins IPO: HNI Portion Booked 58x on Final Day | Clear Update

Mukka Proteins IPO
Mukka Proteins IPO

Mukka Proteins IPO

The Mukka Proteins IPO, which closed on March 4, 2024, was subscribed 22 times on its final day. The high net worth individual (HNI) portion of the IPO was booked 58.8 times on the final day.

The Ambitious Fundraising Endeavor

Mukka Proteins embarks on a journey to raise substantial capital amounting to Rs 224 crore through a fresh issue of 8 crore shares. This ambitious fundraising initiative is poised to fuel the company’s growth trajectory and strategic endeavors. With a price band set at Rs 26-28 per share, the IPO aims to attract diverse investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the thriving fish protein products sector.

Exceptional Subscription Metrics

As the IPO draws to a close, Mukka Proteins witnesses remarkable subscription metrics, underscoring investor confidence and market demand. By March 4, morning, the subscription stands at an impressive 22.57 times, reflecting fervent interest from various investor segments. High net-worth individuals emerge as frontrunners, subscribing 58.31 times their allotted quota, followed by retail investors at 18.97 times and qualified institutional buyers at 2.06 times.

Utilization of Proceeds

A crucial aspect of any IPO lies in delineating the allocation of proceeds, elucidating the company’s strategic priorities and capital utilization framework. Mukka Proteins delineates a clear roadmap for the utilization of funds raised through the IPO. A significant portion, amounting to Rs 120 crore, is earmarked to bolster working capital requirements, ensuring operational efficiency and scalability. Additionally, Rs 10 crore is earmarked for strategic investments in the associate company, Ento Proteins, further enhancing synergies within the ecosystem. The residual funds will be allocated towards general corporate purposes, underpinning long-term sustainability and value creation.

Strategic Investor Engagement

Prior to the IPO launch, Mukka Proteins strategically engaged with institutional investors through its anchor book, garnering substantial capital infusion amounting to Rs 67.2 crore. The anchor book witnessed participation from esteemed investors including Neomile Growth Fund, Saint Capital Fund, Eminence Global Fund, and Elara India Opportunities Fund, signaling robust investor confidence and endorsement of the company’s growth prospects.

Operational Excellence and Market Positioning

Mukka Proteins distinguishes itself through a robust operational framework, underpinned by six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located across India and Oman. Leveraging these facilities, the company specializes in the production of fish meal, fish oil, and fish soluble paste, catering to diverse segments including aqua feed, poultry feed, and pet food industries. The company’s expansive footprint, comprising blending and storage facilities, underscores its commitment to operational excellence and market responsiveness.


In conclusion, Mukka Proteins’ IPO represents a landmark milestone in its journey towards sustained growth and market leadership. With robust subscription metrics, strategic investor engagement, and a clear capital allocation strategy, the IPO sets the stage for transformative endeavors and value creation. As Mukka Proteins continues to expand its market presence and enhance operational efficiencies, investors and stakeholders can anticipate promising returns and enduring value proposition in the burgeoning fish protein products landscape.



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