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Divya Deshmukh

In a striking revelation, 18-year-old Indian International Master, Divya Deshmukh, has brought to light the prevalent sexism faced by women chess players. Her recent experience at the Tata Steel Masters in Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands, paints a disheartening picture of how female players often grapple with unnecessary scrutiny from spectators. In this article, we delve into Deshmukh’s bold stand against sexism in chess and explore the broader issue of the underappreciation of women players.

The Allegations

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Deshmukh, a renowned chess prodigy, expressed her dismay over the sexist behavior she encountered during the Tata Steel Masters. Spectators, instead of focusing on the intricacies of her gameplay, fixated on irrelevant aspects such as her clothing, hairstyle, and accent. This disturbing trend, as highlighted by Deshmukh, reflects a systemic issue that women players confront regularly.

A Call for Change

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In a lengthy Instagram post, Deshmukh courageously called out the misogyny that permeates the chess community. She emphasized the need to address this issue, shedding light on how women in chess are often taken for granted by spectators. The chessboard, a battlefield of intellectual prowess, should not be marred by judgments based on appearance or gender.

The Double Standard

Deshmukh pointed out a glaring double standard, noting that male players receive recognition solely for their gameplay, while their female counterparts face undue scrutiny for extraneous factors. In interviews, she lamented how discussions veered away from her strategic moves and victories, focusing instead on superficial aspects. This stark inequality in treatment demands a reevaluation of the way women players are perceived and celebrated in the chess community.

Uphill Battle for Recognition

Despite the progress in women’s sports, with advancements in pay scale and visibility, female athletes continue to grapple with sexist behavior. Deshmukh’s narrative reflects a broader reality where women in sports are often asked about their attire rather than their accomplishments. The underappreciation of women players, coupled with enduring hatred, creates a challenging environment that demands immediate rectification.

Divya Deshmukh’s Plea for Equality

Deshmukh, at the tender age of 18, has become a vocal advocate for change. She highlights the daily challenges faced by women players and urges for equal respect. Her plea resonates beyond the chessboard, encompassing the broader spectrum of sports where gender bias remains a persistent hurdle.

Divya Deshmukh’s brave stand against sexism in chess serves as a rallying cry for change. This article sheds light on the challenges faced by women players and emphasizes the urgency of dismantling the ingrained biases that hinder their recognition. It is time for the chess community, and sports at large, to celebrate the prowess of players based on their skill and sportsmanship, transcending gender stereotypes.


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