Decoding Bank Nifty: A Comprehensive Analysis of Trends, Metrics, and Global Insights

Bank Nifty Today
Bank Nifty Today

Bank Nifty

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, staying ahead requires a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of market indices. This analysis delves into the Bank Nifty, unraveling its intricate details to provide you with actionable insights.

Bank Nifty Overview

The Bank Nifty, a vital indicator of the financial sector’s health, stands at the forefront of market indices. As of the latest data, it opened at 45,171.50 and closed at 44,866.15, with a day high of 45,660.35 and a day low of 45,110.90. Understanding these metrics is crucial for strategic decision-making.

Key Metrics

  • 52 Week High: 48,636.45
  • 52 Week Low: 38,613.15

Technical Analysis

To comprehend the current trend, let’s delve into the technical aspects of Bank Nifty.

Moving Averages

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly: Data not available (Note: Technical analysis data requires subscription).

Technical Indicators

  • Not specified: Detailed technical indicators are not provided on the source page.

Pivot Levels

Understanding support and resistance is paramount for traders. The pivot levels for the day, calculated based on the previous trading day, are detailed below.


  • R1, R2, R3: Data not available
  • PP: Data not available
  • S1, S2, S3: Data not available


  • R1, R2, R3: Data not available
  • PP: Data not available
  • S1, S2, S3: Data not available


  • R1, R2, R3: Data not available
  • PP: Data not available
  • S1, S2, S3: Data not available

Technical Rating

The technical rating, representing the current trend, is not specified. For precise analysis, one would need access to the detailed technical data.

News and Market Analysis

Staying informed about the latest market developments is crucial for making informed decisions. Here are some recent highlights:

January 29, 2024

  1. Market Live: The market posted solid gains, with Sensex up 1,241 pts, and Nifty above 21,700.
  2. Analyst Insights: Experts like Rupak De, Jatin Gedia, and Jateen Trivedi shared their technical analysis.

Marico Q3 Results

Marico’s Q3 results showed a 15.9% increase in net profit at Rs 386 crore, with revenue down 1.9% at Rs 2,422 crore.

Market Close

Indian benchmark indices ended higher on January 29, with Nifty around 21,750.

Global Indices Comparison

Understanding global market movements is essential for a comprehensive analysis. Here’s a snapshot of major global indices:


  • Dow Jones: 38,116.30 (+0.02%)
  • Nasdaq: 15,504.20 (+0.32%)


  • FTSE: 7,632.74 (-0.03%)
  • CAC: 7,640.81 (+0.09%)
  • DAX: 16,941.71 (-0.12%)


  • GIFT NIFTY: 21,921.00 (+0.25%)
  • Nikkei 225: 36,026.94 (+0.77%)
  • Hang Seng: 16,077.24 (+0.78%)


In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead requires a blend of technical analysis, market insights, and global awareness. While this analysis provides a comprehensive overview, for more in-depth and up-to-date information, consider subscribing to detailed technical analysis services.

Note: This analysis is based on available data from the provided URL. For a more accurate and detailed analysis, access to proprietary technical data is recommended.



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