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Budget 2024
Budget 2024

Budget 2024 Live Update

The Union Budget 2024, presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, is an interim budget that focuses on various aspects such as new income-generating opportunities for the poor and the middle class, fiscal prudence, and no major surprises. The budget speech highlighted measures like the transformation of the rural landscape through self-help groups, an increase in minimum support prices for farmers, and the announcement of 2 crore more houses under the PMAY-G. The budget is being viewed as a balanced approach towards development, innovation, and a sustainable future for India. The government is on track to meet the fiscal deficit targets, and there is continued focus on capital expenditure and research and development. The budget is seen as having a messaging aimed at the upcoming elections. The full-fledged budget for the financial year 2024-25 will be presented later. The live updates and analysis of the budget can be found on various news websites such as Moneycontrol, NDTV, and Hindustan Times.

Fiscal Deficit: A Path to Prudent Financial Management

The fiscal deficit target of 5.1 percent of GDP for 2024-25, as articulated by FM Sitharaman, underscores a commitment to prudent financial management. This target serves as a beacon, guiding the nation towards a trajectory where fiscal discipline is paramount. Furthermore, the assurance of potentially attaining or even surpassing this target by 2025-26 reinforces the government’s resolve to navigate the economic landscape with acumen and foresight.

Five Disha Nirdashak Baatein: A Blueprint for Inclusive Growth

FM Sitharaman’s emphasis on “Five Disha Nirdashak Baatein” delineates a comprehensive roadmap for inclusive growth and effective governance. These five pillars encompass:

  1. Social Justice as an Effective Governance Model: Recognizing the pivotal role of social justice in fostering a cohesive society, the government pledges to uphold principles of equity and fairness in governance.
  2. Focus on the Marginalized: With a spotlight on the welfare of the poor, youth, women, and farmers (Annadata), the budget 2024 endeavors to uplift the marginalized sections of society, ensuring their holistic development and empowerment.
  3. Investment in Infrastructure: Acknowledging the instrumental role of infrastructure in driving economic growth, substantial investments are earmarked to bolster the nation’s infrastructure backbone, fostering connectivity and catalyzing development.
  4. Harnessing Technology for Productivity: In an era defined by technological prowess, leveraging advancements in technology is imperative. The budget underscores the strategic integration of technology to enhance productivity across sectors, fostering innovation and efficiency.
  5. High-Power Committee for Demographic Challenges: As India grapples with unique demographic challenges, the establishment of a high-power committee underscores a proactive approach towards addressing these complexities, ensuring sustainable solutions for demographic dynamics.

Calibrated Disinvestment Strategy: Fostering Economic Efficiency

The articulation of a calibrated disinvestment strategy reflects a nuanced approach towards fostering economic efficiency and streamlining the functioning of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). By incentivizing shareholder rewards and advocating for a calibrated approach, the budget 2024 lays the groundwork for a robust ecosystem where efficiency and accountability are paramount.

Fiscal Prudence Amidst Tax Reforms

The budget’s stance on tax reforms underscores a delicate balance between fiscal prudence and the imperative for reform. With clarifications on tax dispute withdrawals and the delineation of tax incentives for new manufacturing units, the government exhibits a judicious approach towards tax policy, ensuring alignment with broader economic objectives.

Ratings Agencies and Fiscal Consolidation: A Testimony to Prudent Governance

FM Sitharaman’s assertion regarding fiscal consolidation resonates as a testament to prudent governance and fiscal stewardship. The government’s proactive stance towards fiscal consolidation not only augments credibility but also underscores a commitment to sound macroeconomic fundamentals, garnering recognition from ratings agencies.

Urban Housing Scheme: Charting a Path for Inclusive Urban Development

The delineation of contours for an urban housing scheme epitomizes a concerted effort towards inclusive urban development. By prioritizing housing initiatives and laying the groundwork for comprehensive urban development frameworks, the budget 2024 underscores a commitment to equitable growth across urban landscapes.

In Conclusion, Budget 2024 serves as a testament to India’s resolve to navigate the fiscal landscape with prudence, foresight, and inclusivity. With a strategic focus on fiscal discipline, inclusive growth, and calibrated reforms, the budget 2024 sets the stage for a transformative journey towards economic resilience and prosperity.



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