Breaking: Netflix’s Daredevil Architect Eyed to Direct Spider-Man 4 – Internet Explodes! | Clear Update

Spider-Man 4, Daredevil
Spider-Man 4, Daredevil

Tom Holland made his debut as Peter Parker in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, and with the release of his first solo movie in 2017, the audience’s adoration for the young actor skyrocketed. Following the emotional upheaval in the 2021 film, Holland’s Peter Parker undergoes significant growth, marking a new chapter in his journey.

While Jon Watts directed the three previous Spider-Man: Homecoming films, insider Daniel Richtman reveals that Jon has not yet been confirmed as the director for Spider-Man 4. Instead, there are rumors that Drew Goddard is being considered to take over the franchise, with other directors also in the mix.

Drew Goddard, known for his role as executive producer/writer on Netflix’s Daredevil, has an impressive background, contributing to the screenplay of the first two Avengers films. Despite the speculation, there is no official confirmation of Goddard directing Spider-Man 4, and it’s currently treated as a rumor.

Social media ignited with reactions after the rumor surfaced. Users on platform X expressed excitement about the potential shift, with some even suggesting Goddard direct the entire set of films, drawing parallels to Jon Watts’ previous Spider-Man trilogy.

The buzz continued with enthusiastic comments like, “Producer of Netflix Daredevil directing the next Spider-Man? Sign me up!!!” Fans are cautiously optimistic, hoping for a smooth production without interference from Sony or Marvel Studios.

The intriguing connection between Drew Goddard and James Gunn’s DC Universe projects was also brought up by netizens, sparking discussions about Goddard’s involvement in both Marvel and DC.

In conclusion, the release date for Spider-Man 4 remains undisclosed. For the latest updates, stay tuned to Koimoi!



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